Dock Watch Leasing Options

We have provided a link to our Leasing   You can contact them for a application or speak with Jimmy Hawkins.  He can answer any questions and direct you to the best leasing options available for your company.

Here are 8 Solid Advantages for you, with a Lease through FCL/LeaseFirst, Inc.:

      1. Low monthly payments compared to loan payments or worse, cash expenditures.  (This helps the conservation of capital.)
      2. Cash flow control with fixed monthly payments.
      3. No impact on bank credit lines.
      4. You can acquire the most advance technology.
      5. No depreciation schedules.
      6. 100% financing (including delivery and installation).
      7. Flexibility
      8. Solid protection from obsolescence.  (Vital in this fast changing world).

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Dock Watch: An innovative trailer to dock monitoring system.  Identifies trailer creep and trailer early departure.  Alerts an operator and truck driver of unsafe conditions.  Dock Watch helps in preventing loading dock incidents and accidents.  New construction: warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility.  Improve employee safety at new and existing loading docks by installing a Dock Watch Monitoring System.

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