Dock Watch Leasing Options

If your company wants to explore equipment leasing options, consider these items:

  1. Why should I lease equipment instead of buy?
A. Leasing is flexible.
B. Leasing is practical.
C. Leasing is cost effective.
D. Leasing has tax advantages.
E. Leasing helps conserve your operating capital.
  2. What companies use leases?
Small, one-person operations to Fortune 100 corporations.
  3. Lease Types to choose from
Two most common types of leases are operating leases and finance leases.
A. Operating lease: The term is shorter than the expected useful life of the equipment.
B. Finance lease: The term is longer, more nearly covering the useful life of the equipment. Rentals tend to be lower because of the longer term and less residual value risk.
  4. What type of lease is the best for my company?
Our leasing partner will take your completed application along with the product and direct you towards the lease that will benefit your company the most.
  5. How can leasing help my financial picture?
Leasing allows you to keep your bank lines of credit open. Since leasing companies assume there will be a residual value in the equipment at the end of the lease, they can offer lower rental payments, equaling a cash savings to you.

A key advantage of leasing is that is permits 100 percent financing, and the term of the lease can be matched with the useful life of the equipment.


Dock Watch: An innovative trailer to dock monitoring system.  Identifies trailer creep and trailer early departure.  Alerts an operator and truck driver of unsafe conditions.  Dock Watch helps in preventing loading dock incidents and accidents.  New construction: warehouse, distribution center or manufacturing facility.  Improve employee safety at new and existing loading docks by installing a Dock Watch Monitoring System.

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